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About Us

We offer a healthier lifestyle.

Health = A Dedicated Mind + the “Right” Stuff

Our mission is to lead the way in helping all become physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy, one by one, using the “right” stuff: health education, information, products, and services, based on the principals of nutritional medicine (the “right” food). Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Right Stuff Health Ministries, Inc. (www.rightstuffhealth.com) is the right 3 in 1 station from which to begin the journey toward God’s desired state of health for a person’s body (John 1:3), and to stay in health. The three in one include the following: the Center for Nutritional Medicine, Franco’s Fine Foods, and the Right Stuff Health Store.

Helping the world become a healthier place, one person at a time, using the “right” stuff!

About Right Stuff Health Ministries, Inc

Since 1993, Right Stuff Health Ministries, Inc. has helped thousands of health-minded consumers and health seekers stay informed and abreast of health information and news. The leading force is founder, Bro. Dr. Franco Taylor who says: “My primary purpose in creating Right Stuff Health Ministries, Inc. was to establish and maintain a stable healthy living platform to provide health-centered educational and lifestyle programs that will, ultimately, improve health care and empower people to make better health choices by following principles found in nutritional medicine: I, also, wanted to design and make quality plant-based products available to people who were interested in following my health suggestions. Nutritional medicine is the philosophy upon which Right Stuff Health Ministries, Inc. rests. “I believe that nutritional medicine is the future of medicine and healthcare,” states Dr. Taylor.

What Is Nutritional Medicine (Blog/Article)

Meet Our Team

Dr. Franco Taylor, Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

He is a “don’t do as I say, but do as I do”, no-nonsense health guru who has spent thirty-eight years in search of the “right” stuff for a person’s total health.  In 1980, he became dedicated to his own health after suffering from headaches, bone and skin ailments and, later, erectile dysfunction. His family members, also, suffered from ailments as strokes, heart disease, colon dysfunctions, cancers, renal difficulties; his son was born 24 weeks* early and is multiple disabled, which forced him to research neurological complications and cerebral palsy. Dr. Taylor delivered four of his nine children, himself, at home, with the last one being an emergency delivery*. His quest for the “right” stuff for ultimate health started with biblical research to understand God’s plan for health. After forsaking the American diet plan and adapting a strict vegan diet, his own health problems disappeared; his regret is that he could not save his father, whose swift death from an aneurysm spurred him to forsake his plans to become a medical doctor, and to pursue a naturopathic study toward health.  Spending thirteen years travelling as a “health evangelist”, living in homes and learning hands-on natural health modalities such as steam treatments, applications of hot and cold, clay baths and packs, massage, herbal formulas, and plant-based supplements allowed him to witness 90-95% of the sick folks get better, when they accepted and adopted the natural way of healing. He had, at last, found the “right stuff”, based, mainly, on the eight basic tenants of the B.I.B.L.E.W.A.Y. to Health.

Linda Taylor, CEO

She is the wife of Dr. Franco, and she is a food designer in the RSHM, Inc. operation, creating delicious and nutritious food items that tease the palate and keep people coming back for more of the “right” foods that are good to them and for them. She is also a certified speech/language pathologist (M.A., CCC/SLP) who is embarking upon a private practice that will allow blacks to rise above the miseducation that they speak a deviant brand of English, referred to as black English or African-American English; she teaches, instead, that their language is pure and authentically retained from a strong African linguistic system, and not a Germanic system. Linda seeks to help people enhance their written and spoken communication skills in order to be more successful in society, and has written Introduction to Ebonics: The Relexification of African Grammar with English and other Indo-European Words (Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com)

Josiah Redmond Taylor, Food Design Manager

Josiah is the son of Dr. Franco who is establishing himself as the manager of Franco’s Fine Foods. This recent graduate of Oakwood University in Huntsville, Alabama, can be found slicing, dicing, kneading and plating each day, playing a necessary role of a hands-on manager. He sees to it that the “right” food is prepared in his eatery, which will mean healthier bodies for his friends and customers.

Mildred Clark, Office Manager

Combine passion, experience, and the spirit of excellence, and you have Mildred Clark. Serving as the Office Manager at Right Stuff Health Ministries, Inc. Mildred takes on varied responsibilities—receptionist, layout and design, customer care, social media management, and more. She is a master of business and public administration, and a professional and skillful leader. Being an excellent communicator and consultive leader, she loves helping people be and become the best version of themselves. As a member of the Right Stuff team, she endeavors to encourage others to be “healthy, wealthy, and wise” and she greets you with a big bright, warm, friendly and inviting smile.,

The Uniqueness of Right Stuff Health Ministries, Inc.

Most people have spent most of their lives eating the “wrong” stuff and drinking the “wrong” stuff, many times just plain ole doing the “wrong” stuff. Well, it is a new day. There is a “right” stuff brand in the land where people can now treat their minds, bodies, and spirits to the “right stuff”! Welcome to a completely healthy lifestyle. Welcome to Right Stuff Health!
What makes Right Stuff Health so different? Just 4 reasons: Just suppose a person could get all of his unanswered questions about health answered, where he could really understand the answers; and just suppose a person could receive, on paper, in black and white, a user-friendly plan, designed just for him, with a counselor/coach to help him carry out the plan successfully; and just suppose the same person could purchase tasty, healthy meals to accompany the lifestyle plan, with recipes teaching him to make the dishes himself; and just suppose there were proven, plant-based supplements to complete the healthy lifestyle plan? Well, the time for supposing is over!! As you see, our phone number is given, first, on our website. This gives a person an opportunity to begin setting the stage for all health questions to be answered by one of our professional health staff counselors. Isn’t that good news?
This brand was begun in 1993 as a vegan bakery with an office attached, where Dr. Franco began offering health consultations and healthy eating meal plans. In 1999, he was faced with another dilemma in that six out of ten people he encountered wanted to see his degrees and certificates, even though he had over eighteen years of experience, and had overseen over 6,000 people get on the road toward being healthier. So, for the next 18 years, while dividing his time between consultations, the bakery, cafes, and family, Bro. Franco managed to earn a BNHN and MH. In 2017, after all of his, seemingly, unrewarded efforts and years of sacrifice to bring healing to the world, he was rewarded the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for the Year 2016, signed by President Barack Obama, as one of that president’s last deeds on the way out of office. Then, the next year (2017), Bro. Franco Taylor received his ND/NMD or Naturopathic Doctor/Natural Medicine Doctorate! So, the now, Dr. Franco Taylor, N.D. is offering, for the first time ever, under one roof, all three facets of total health: professional healthy lifestyle coaching, delicious and nutritious vegan baked goods and entrees, and a broad line of plant-based supplements, most of them being delicious tasting liquids, which makes them 98% absorbable (as opposed to 20-25% absorbability of tablets and capsules), accompanied by an all natural skin care line. And it gets even better! When a person visits and fills out a “health consultation form”, he/she will receive an in-depth health plan designed with suggestions, specifically, to help the person reach his/her personal health goals. The suggested supplements usually include those designed to clean out the body, detox all major organs and infuse powerful nutrition back into the body at the cell level, absolutely free. That’s right: the supplements needed to start a person on the road to health are provided at no charge!

Other Featured Pluses

As a member of the Right Stuff Health family, a person receives:

  1. 1. Answers to questions never answered before;
    2. Recipes;
    3. Delicious and nutritiously created vegan entrees and baked goods;
    4. Articles and information from the Right Stuff Health Blog on subjects such as diabetes, the top 10 killer diseases, secret weapons of the deadliest health hit men, and what does meat do to one’s body.
    5. Right Stuff Health’s prestigiously designed leading supplements;
    6.Upcoming events, i.e., cooking classes, health seminars, and health-based business Building opportunities.