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90 Day Plan



Yes to Olive Oil and Canola Oil

No Hydrogenated oils, fats or margarines, NO FRYING

Honey, Maple Syrup and Fructose

No white sugar, syrup or free starch

100% Whole Grains, Brown Rice or Whole Wheat Bread

No white flour or corn meal, white rice, white bread, de-germinated or enriched foods

Yes to Soy, Rice or Almond Milk, Soy Cheese and Soy or Rice Ice Cream

No milk, cheese, or dairy

Egg replacer or tofu

No eggs

Meat alternatives (Boca burgers-original vegan, Yves meat substitutes)

No beef, fowl, or fish (None for 30 days)

Herbal tea, Herbal coffee (Postum, Roma, Cafix) and 100% Pure Juices

No alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee or cola drinks
No canned juices
No canned fruit

All vegetables are suggested, especially Broccoli, Cauliflower, Asparagus, Kale, and turnips

No canned vegetables (If fresh vegetables are not available, frozen are preferred to canned)

All other nuts (not peanuts) that are not roasted or salted

No Peanuts or peanut butter